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Life Discarded

Life Discarded - D.E. Haggerty Life Discarded starts with a bang. A car is blown up. A woman is on the run. It is exciting stuff. The story then shifts back two years, and we relive the events that led to this crisis.

For the most part, I really enjoyed what followed. The wedding in the first chapter felt a little generic, but the characters quickly established themselves. Morgan’s struggles with David were described well. Her reactions to his cruelty were very believable. David was surprisingly rounded, despite his secrecy. I liked the relationship between Morgan and her best friend, Ellie.

I wasn’t so sure about Eric. I found some of his behaviour toward Ellie a bit questionable, and it made me realise I hadn’t liked Eric from the start. However, it is important to point out that Eric was the least prominent of the four main characters. Morgan and David are the main focus of the story. My dislike of Eric didn’t impact my enjoyment of the story.

The revelations at the end were a very nice payoff, but the logic of some of what happened escaped me.