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Thane (Everknot Duet, #1)

Thane (Everknot Duet, #1) - Travis Daniel Bow Travis Bow is a very talented writer. Overall, I was impressed. The proofreading and editing were excellent. Here are few pointers for potential readers.

This is a low fantasy so there are no magic systems, etc. Personally, I like that. The world-building is not very deep, but Bow makes up for this with his excellent main characters. We see this world (initially anyway) through the brothers, Timothy and Robert. Their relationship is authentic and touching, and the realism they bring to the story gives Bow’s world solidity.

Bow can be a very fast-paced writer, sometimes skipping bridging scenes to maintain an aggressive tempo. These jumps can create a momentary sense of dislocation, kind of like waking up suddenly and not knowing where you are. This is particularly noticeable early in the novel.

The ending is very open. There are a lot of unanswered questions left for the sequel.

The prologue is critical. If you are thinking of reading the book, I advise you to read it first. If you enjoy it and are intrigued by the premise, this book is for you.

I received this book for a non-reciprocal, honest review.