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BIG TROUBLE - An Evelyn Lee Emerson Novel

BIG TROUBLE - An Evelyn Lee Emerson Novel - Denise Jewell Big Trouble is a fun book that I really enjoyed. However, one flaw prevents me giving it five stars.
Evelyn Lee Emerson is a member of the Isaac family. And this book is focussed on the family, particularly the women (sisters and sister-in-laws).
The Isaacs (almost all of whom are lawyers or judges) are proud of their prestigious status. They are very clannish. Some readers may be put off by the amount of boasting the family does about its importance. That would be a mistake as it is that pride that drives the story.
Another issue readers may have at the start is the number of characters. The Isaacs are a big family, and it is exactly like meeting a big family for the first time. It is difficult to take in all the names at first, but after a while, you get used to them. And again, the size of the family fits well with the story.
Evelyn is a well-drawn, believable character. She is the boss in her normal life. When events take an unprecedented turn, it is fun to watch how she and the rest of the Isaacs cope (or don’t).
The one issue I had with the book was that it needs proofreading.