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Well Oiled: A Mayberry Multisport Adventure

Well Oiled: A Mayberry Multisport Adventure - Rubin Johnson This is the second time I have reviewed Well Oiled. I was given a copy of the book both times.

Reading the revised book (5th edition) was a strange experience. There were a lot of new and revised scenes. The changes enhanced the book greatly. The elder Wilson’s tendency to lecture was greatly curtailed, and the book had more pace than the previous version.

The way that technology is handled at the beginning of the book is refreshing. Most of 2040’s advances are treated like everyday contrivances by the characters, which indeed they should be. The focus is on the Wilson family, in particular the two cousins Frank and Joey, and their love of triathlon, rather than on the marvels of drones and MOOC’s, etc.

Frank and Joey have distinct personalities, but are both likeable. In the new version, they were much more rounded than before. The more realistic dialogue and interactions with other characters helped alot. Their enjoyment of triathlon is interesting and infectious. The race at the start of the book is described in an engaging manner.

Overall, this was far better than the previous version. I commend Rubin Johnson for his determination to improve the experience for his readers. For this reader at least, he has succeeded.