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Ship of Storms

Ship of Storms - Ken Doggett The author has a real gift with names. Marcus Ramsey-Legend and (Obergeneral) Strom Volk are amazing names!

This book has its flaws. The prologue didn't engage my interest. The book starts off very slowly. The narrative shies away from action scenes in places. It is sometimes vague, perhaps in an effort to create mystery, but this often distanced me as a reader from the story.

The biggest flaw is that the flashbacks throughout the book overpower the main story. The main story becomes a series of dispersed short flashforwards in a long narrative about Marcus's past. The book sets itself up as a space opera, but most of the narrative takes place on Earth, focusing on Marcus's past. Sometimes, the transitions from one thread to the other were a bit confusing.

So why am I giving it four stars? Despite its flaws, I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the Marcus's backstory, particularly the section in the commune. It made me care about Marcus Ramsey-Legend (I love writing that name) and his fate to the very last sentence.